Phantasy Star 20 Years Past – English and Japanese Translations

Today I started bringing the Russian doujin game Twenty Years Past to the English and Japanese speaking worlds. PS20YP is my first major project that will actually see me translate something into Japanese, so this should be fun/interesting/horrific. So far it has been…an ordeal and a half…dealing with the Russian backend, but progress is being made. Updates on progress and anything you might be able to do to speed up the final version (there are things as of this post going up) will be posted in the thread for the project on PS Cave:

For those who want to give it a go in the original Russian, that’s done, and available here:

Misc. Updates

I’ve been away dealing lots of real life stuff for awhile, in addition to losing access to the blog somehow, so here are lots of misc. updates in response to queries people have made.

-I haven’t decided to abandon translating Majikoi Drama CD vol.1, it’s just that…I started it, had a bunch of stuff come up, and now I can’t find the files. (^_^);

-I’m not sure if I’ll ever translate Koutetsu no Majo Annerose, for two reasons. One, no one able to do the hacking/patching stuff I can’t ever stepped forward to handle that part of it. Two, after watching the anime again it covers just about everything that happens in the game. The anime is long for hentai (4 episodes) and the game only takes a few hours, so the game isn’t a million times better than the anime like you’d think.

-I am willing to help make accurate translations of Final Fantasy VIII and the X trilogy. It’s not an exaggeration to say at least half of everything wrong with FFX was invented during the localization/bastardization and does not exist with the original Japanese voices/script. Likewise, someone is needed to hack/patch those games. I was actually recruited to help on this one, project pages from the project lead on qhimm are here:

-Oppai banzai.

Dual! Remaster Completed!


Fear not true believers, unlike Nyaa I shalt not puss out! I will still be here, doing what I’ve been doing all along.  Dual! has been remastered, in 1080p with a bunch of other enhancements, and is now out for your viewing pleasure. I’m not sure what Kuramori did when he ripped the DVDs, but the file size I ended up getting was much smaller with better quality to boot. I expect this to be the last release of Dual! I will ever make. Subtitles are my v2 subs, and the extras from the DVDs are in the extras folder if you want them.

Enjoy this EccchiOujisama Translation and Remaster release!!9sBlHJDC!Ty0_ktlB5PgQN2L2B30Y1g

If you get thin green lines around some borders of the picture and it bothers you, turn off hardware acceleration/rendering/whatever it is called in your video player or play it with something else. For lack of better terms to bring it down to one sentence, it’s caused by your video card thinking too hard with these files.

Comic Party Revolution OVA Remaster


Miyuki no Tamari’s translation of these OVAs remains one of my favorite fansubs to this very day. Great font, custom colored subs for each character, good translation, the bits added at the beginning of episodes 3 and 4…I’ve always  been a fan. The trouble is that it was hardsubbed, so it’s not exactly easy to just plop them on a better video source. Not that I have access to the Japanese DVDs (…yet, hint hint).

So I took to cleaning up the original videos instead. I won’t bore you with all of the details about what was done, but the short version is they look A LOT better on large and/or modern TVs than the original, with a smaller file size to boot. It’s probably possible to get a little more out of them, but we’re looking at about $200 in software to find out for sure.!F1BklJID!o2MEbyZv3NygtHyGUkvsXw

I’m open to remastering the TV series (episodes 5-13) if there’s enough interest.

Tenchi OVA4 Reupped and Updated

Minor adjustments made to the script in a few places for both episodes, and now online again for anyone who needs them.!w0gUEChC!ezzznkPZP-o7KGMOc7913g

Currently working on getting as much quality as possible out of some hardsubbed classics – Comic Party Revolution OVA, You’re Under Arrest live action and Gokusen live action (first season and special). It takes quite awhile to see what is the best way to get the most quality possible out of each episode, so can look forward to those in time.

Makai Kishi Ingrid Live Action – Now Less Crappy


That’s about all I can say for this. If I ever find the Chinese asshole who butchered the R2J DVD I am going to cut his nuts off and shove them so far up his ass he will choke to death on his own semen.

I did what could be done with what I had. For the positive, the image is a litter clearer now, but this also accentuates everything else that was wrong with the Chinese rip. Should look better on smaller screens, pick your poison on large screens. All other attempts at salvaging it amazingly made the thing look worse. Nothing I threw at all of the annoying text in the lower corners would get rid of it – I was able to smear it just enough to make the whole thing look worse so I left it.

I was just going to scrap this and forget about it unless I get my hands on the DVD itself, but I told some people it would be coming, so here it is.!MogCXITR!uK3k5JBZTuGIRp7u3ilA0O0Juypp93mzlcdzKbEpLEo

Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose – Lazy Remaster

186839I have not retranslated the OVA (…yet) but I am using it as a minor example of what I might do to remaster anime that has not been given a proper 1080p/2K/4K release. Whether or not I could whip up something that would look better than a 1080i BD largely depends on the quality of the source I would use (ideally the actual R2J DVD) and quality of the BD, but I’m primarily targeting anime that has never seen a release on BD for remastering. For the low end of 1080i BDs, like the Azumanga Daioh and Attack No.1, I could certainly do far better.

Consider this an extremely quarter-assed alpha tech demo of things I could do with more time and resources. I could easily list more than 10 things I could have done to make this one better, but that adds a ton of steps and time. Like I said, a very minor example of something I could do to make anime better.!IlxUUIIT!wqkBv4IRzvPP56fz2LfUf7lDdMHdy3ge3mAfqbpRcag

Just For You: Anata Dake Konbanwa


No, it’s not Tenchi Muyo, but the author of both will explain how and why they connect to each other…someday. Maybe. This is a fun little piece of H comedy from Kajishima-sensei that I have given a new (read: more accurate and coherent) translation. It’s one of those series that ends up being more than the sum of its parts, if that makes sense. It’s live now.!40gDkS6Y!JNYtt9DFjac5hfqs9PhfZQ

Eiyuu*Senki – Complete Edition


This is another one I tinkered with, taking all of the translations and enhancements and put them in one easy package. Just unrar it (in the same directory if you previously installed it while overwriting everything) and you’re good, rather than applying a million different patches. This utilizes the official translation for the game, restores and adds fan translation (not mine) for the H scenes, has all content from the PC, PS3 and Vita versions, and adds less known enhancements like importing the unit menu voices and jiggles from GOLD, Teach’s human form, Gawain’s final technique and the eyecatch when one of your units is defeated. If you can find a better version, play it.